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Polston Richard(479-468-0016)
Acord Stephen D(479-497-1037)
Pipkins Mae(479-497-2004)
Pipkins Owen(479-736-5373)
Gaitskell Cheryl(479-497-1499)
Carpenter Crystal(479-468-2067)
Timmerman Mike(479-468-2506)
Altus Police Department(479-667-4127)
Jones Patricia(479-468-6690)
Jacobs James C(479-468-2294)
Eagles Ozarka Aerie(479-468-2131)
Muchmore George R(479-468-9025)
Smith George(479-468-4190)
Mayfield Billy(479-468-2589)
Rofkahr Dennis(479-468-9342)
Albat James(479-497-1817)
Beavers Charles(479-497-1498)
Belvins Angela(479-497-2019)
Belvins Dale(479-497-2019)
Blasingame Chance(479-468-2218)
Cains Mary(479-468-2888)
Cains William(479-468-2888)
Casbon Dennis(479-468-2230)
Casebire Carolyn(479-468-9001)
Chappell David(479-468-8896)
Daniel Motors(479-497-1692)
Dunlap Bruce(479-497-1793)
English Donna(479-497-1860)
Fields Terry(479-497-1444)
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