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Morris Carolyn(479-675-0184)
Morris Richard(479-675-5456)
Scantling Douglas(479-928-4220)
Walker Barry(479-928-2512)
Dickason Sherry(479-675-4716)
Preston Tony(479-675-3759)
Clark Leea R(479-928-4657)
Forst Barbara(479-969-2812)
Forst Mike(479-969-2812)
Meyers Richard(479-675-4936)
Perkins Christene(479-675-4287)
Hand Nathan(479-675-5009)
Riley Jack(479-675-0489)
Martin Charles(479-675-2217)
Smothers Robert(479-675-0794)
Hawkins Jackie(479-675-0727)
Hawkins Tim(479-675-4019)
Reese Tommy J(479-675-5125)
Beckett Amy(479-675-2873)
Beckett Shawn(479-675-2873)
Murray Dorothy(479-675-2615)
Adams Larry(479-675-9070)
Armstrong Jackie(479-675-3542)
Barnard Mary(479-675-2039)
Fields Faye(479-675-2383)
Foster Irene(479-675-4803)
Harwell John(479-675-3426)
Howser Ruth(479-675-3378)
Lowe Billy R(479-675-2158)
Lowe Dessie(479-675-4365)
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