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Jones Sheronda(870-827-3214)
Pike James E(870-475-2551)
Robertson Dedira(870-475-3426)
Hobbs Perry(870-475-2539)
Collins Jerry Jr(870-475-2733)
Britt Goldie(870-475-2796)
Church of God Parsonage(870-475-2229)
Pearson Philip(870-475-2229)
Joplin Reggie(870-475-3268)
Miles Ginger(870-475-2128)
Britt K L(870-475-3139)
Harris Andrew D III(870-475-2686)
First Baptist Church Parsonage(870-475-2589)
Kenny's Tractor & Auto Service(870-475-2350)
Watson Kenneth(870-475-2350)
Lepanto Wee Care Child Care(870-475-3469)
Johnson Richard T(870-475-6164)
Johnson Stephanie(870-475-6164)
Young James T(870-475-6046)
Armstrong Horace(870-475-3252)
Carter Jean(870-475-2405)
Carpenter Sue(870-475-2161)
Mason Betty(870-475-2893)
McCullar Randy(870-475-3189)
Gordon Michael(870-475-3926)
Benton Tommy(870-475-2904)
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