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Bailey Carl E(870-573-6492)
First Baptist Church Parsonage(870-237-4007)
Miller Scott(870-237-4007)
Miller Tana(870-237-4007)
Emery Kristin(870-237-4881)
Emery Mark(870-237-4881)
Eakins Tommy(870-237-4665)
Timms Keith(870-237-8489)
Timms Stephanie(870-237-8489)
Wood Clarence(870-237-8078)
Williams Jackie(870-237-8060)
Cohn J D(870-237-8876)
Crosby Donna(870-237-4637)
McCoy Pam(870-237-9949)
Robertson Jim(870-237-4780)
Tate Cameron(870-237-4108)
Maple Becky(870-237-8014)
Maple Delmer(870-237-8014)
Newcomb Jo Ann(870-237-1000)
Echols W A Jr(870-483-2438)
Hook Mike F(870-237-4604)
Williams Ricky(870-483-5706)
Refuge General Baptist Church(870-237-4486)
Refuge General Baptist Fellowship Cent(870-237-4482)
Ward Larry(870-237-8843)
Peaster June R(870-237-8001)
Sims Charlie(870-237-4741)
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