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Ainslie Brenda(479-292-8820)
Kee Billy D(479-293-3208)
Kee Melba(479-293-3208)
Lewis Etha E(479-293-4576)
Mitchell Timothy G(479-293-4713)
Warnke E J(479-293-3186)
Zuber Michael(479-293-4844)
Hefner Paul(479-293-4010)
Martin Stella A(479-293-4272)
Stahl James D(479-293-4537)
Weeks Jean E(479-293-4469)
Whorton P(479-293-4346)
Christy Skip(479-293-4824)
Polk Norma(479-293-4856)
Waldo James(479-293-4107)
Waldo Kathy(479-293-4107)
Hughes Jill(479-293-3112)
Russellville Public Schools(479-293-4241)
Jones Jack(479-293-3146)
Mary Kay Cosmetics Independent Sal(479-968-3345)
McQuade Mark(479-293-1469)
Williams Amy(479-293-3198)
Williams Jerry(479-293-3198)
McQuade Arthur P(479-293-3261)
Colburn Debbie(479-293-5166)
Britton Scott(479-293-4876)
Ross James(479-293-1494)
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