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Hall Elover(870-479-3544)
Slocum Fred(501-335-8092)
Sequoyah Land & Cattle Co(501-335-7793)
Parish J A(501-589-3979)
Perry Eric(501-589-3268)
Perry Tammy(501-589-3268)
Thacker Marshall R(501-589-3282)
Duffey Chester(501-335-7422)
Duffey Judy(501-335-7422)
Shaw Charles(501-589-2609)
Wilcox Delma(501-589-2412)
Fenley Luke C(501-589-2734)
McCrary Ray(501-589-2789)
Edwards Denny(501-589-3837)
Staker Robert A(501-589-3437)
Lackey Geneva(501-589-2610)
Lackey Lewis(501-589-2610)
Bailey Kenneth M(501-589-3903)
Reeves Charles(501-589-3903)
Cavender Dan(501-589-3357)
Hooks Bobby(501-589-3124)
Hooks Oneida(501-589-3124)
Farley Charles(501-589-3615)
Farley Shannon(501-589-3615)
Shue Rufus(501-589-2211)
Baxley Caroline(501-589-2777)
Payne Patsy F(501-589-4018)
Nixon Jeff(501-589-3952)
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