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Alexander Greg(870-449-5698)
Pratt William H(870-427-3264)
Rogers J D(870-427-3337)
Snyder Buddy(870-427-5288)
Sublett Nicole(870-427-2355)
Tabor Pam(870-427-5330)
Tabor Terry(870-427-5330)
Taylor Lois(870-427-3380)
Taylor Phill(870-427-3380)
Trull Kathy J(870-427-2925)
Burleson Carl W(870-427-5276)
McAllister Alan(870-427-5456)
McAllister Gregory A(870-427-3346)
McAllister Leah(870-427-3346)
Phillips Lonnie(870-427-3383)
Baker Jeff(870-427-4947)
Bruno Fire Department(870-427-6717)
Caviness Bobby(870-427-2106)
Caviness Jean(870-427-2106)
Cothran Ronald E(870-427-5359)
Farmer Christine(870-427-6008)
Farmer Crofton(870-427-6008)
Gibson Skylor(870-427-2777)
Gillespie Betty(870-427-3425)
Gillespie R L(870-427-3425)
Gray Grady(870-427-5385)
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