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Parsley Bobby(870-630-3781)
Hardimon Annette(870-630-3299)
Sanders Holly(870-633-2843)
Barkley Giner(870-633-6683)
Ross John D(870-633-2134)
Nichols Robert(870-633-3932)
Perkins Mary(870-630-2170)
Whitby Cleave Jr(870-633-0853)
Comm Widener Bapt Church(870-633-1531)
Carr Elbert(870-633-8850)
Neal Charleen(870-633-7031)
Williams Ronnie(870-630-0732)
Young Dale(870-755-5480)
Burns Anna(870-755-2150)
Burns Bill(870-755-2150)
Christian Don(870-755-5384)
Christian Laverne(870-755-5384)
Murray Judy A(870-755-5460)
Ursery Ann Y(870-633-3621)
Phillips Stacey(870-494-3913)
Phillips David(870-630-1851)
Phillips Sheryl(870-630-1851)
Widener City Hall(870-633-8239)
Widener Police Department(870-633-1705)
Jones Fairry L(870-633-0104)
Widener Grove Mb Church(870-633-5098)
Butler Frank(870-633-7384)
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